After a hundred years of joys, successes, titles, tears, championships, disappointments, epic afternoons, magical nights and unforgettable moments, the time has come to celebrate the first century of life of Valencia CF. Among the initiatives of the entity in order to commemorate the anniversary there is the publication of this book that reviews, from an unprecedented and plural prism, everything that the Valencia family has experienced during this time. The Valencia stories from the perspective of its chronological axis are well-known. There are also texts of great interest on specific aspects of the life of the club, from those dedicated to some of their brilliant sports successes to those that recreate the characters of players and managers who have left a mark. Along with them are those that focus on personal experiences or specific episodes out of the many that this century of football has been unfolding. Other publications analyse thoroughly details that are more or less known: the city which the club found at the time of its birth, the finals, the old Mestalla, the rough and Cup-winner DNA… There is, therefore, much and high quality literature on Valencia.

ALFONSO GIL AND OTHERS — ISBN: 978-84-16900-95-4 — 328 Pages — PVP: 39,90 €